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HORIBA launches their latest AFM – SignatureSPM

HORIBA attends analytica 2024 – The Laboratory Technology Trade Show and Conference in Munich from April 9 to 12  with nine live demonstration sessions, running from Tuesday to Thursday, starting April 9, 2024.

NEW PRODUCT: Enhance the AFM with Chemical Signature

Dive into the convergence of automated AFM and Raman/Photoluminescence spectrometry with our new chemical AFM. Obtain comprehensive analyses in a single measurement, reduce result acquisition time, and offer powerful chemical characterization to AFM users.

SignatureSPM is the first microscope built on a multimodal characterization platform, integrating an automated Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) with a Raman/Photoluminescence spectrometer, enabling true colocalized measurements of physical and chemical properties.
Through the combined physical and chemical knowledge obtained in a single, and real-time measurement, the researcher can obtain a reliable and comprehensive analysis of the sample, with a shortened time to knowledge as a result of lesser sample handling and a data acquisition of with a high confidence level, thanks to the correlation of difference measurements.

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Introducing the New PoreSmart software

We’re thrilled to share some exciting news with you! While our software isn’t new, we’ve recently given it a significant upgrade, complete with two crucial features that have led us to properly name it: PoreSmart.

Why PoreSmart?

PoreSmart is the evolution of our Porometer software, now equipped with even more advanced capabilities to provide unparalleled insights into material properties. Of course, it retains all the user-friendly features our customers love from the current software, from the streamlined parameter settings, to the built-in intelligence, and sleek outputs, including integration with Excel.

Introduction of two exciting new features

  1. An additional way to measure the bubble point: BP pCF

    BP pCF stands for the bubble point measured as a user-defined percentage of the cumulative flow. It represents the percentage ratio of the wet to dry curve, which offers significant advantages for bubble point determination.

  2. Introduction of two-stage curve fitting

    • Wet & dry curve fitting

      • Pore size distribution curve fitting

        The two-stage curve fitting implemented in the PoreSmart software helps extract meaningful results from measuring curves by removing the noises and fitting the curve into a mathematical function that matches best the set of experimental data.

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Porometer announces the introduction of MEMCAST™


MEMCAST™ represents the perfect blend of innovation and simplicity. It caters to various needs, whether it’s producing film layers that are self-standing or on diverse substrates. Here are some of the distinctive features of MEMCAST™ that make it stand out:

  • User-friendly mechanism: The device features an easy-to-use mechanism for attaching or detaching the coating support. This allows for swift immersion in a coagulation bath, enhancing the efficiency of the membrane creation process.

  • Flexible coating length: The length of the coating can be easily controlled. Users have the option to set a stop point before casting or utilize the optional stop button during application, offering flexibility in membrane synthesis.

  • Digital display for precision control: MEMCAST™ comes equipped with a digital display that simplifies the control and monitoring of parameters, ensuring precision and ease in membrane production.

Upgrade your membrane synthesis with MEMCAST™

MEMCAST™ is poised to elevate the standard for membrane synthesis. Its introduction marks a significant milestone in the field, promising to bring efficiency, precision, and quality to new heights.

Are you ready to upgrade your membrane synthesis process with MEMCAST™? Contact us today for a personalized quote and discover how MEMCAST™ can transform your membrane production capabilities.

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Detonation Analysis by using the Solid-State-Streak-Camera S3C-1

Visualisation of Detonation Front Curvature with Nanosecond Temporal Resolution

The chemical reaction inside a homogeneous explosive agent can be initiated at a small spot and will then propagate spherically from this spot. The propagation can be observed as optical emission at the interface between the explosive and the air. Measurement along only one line is sufficient, but must be recorded with high temporal resolution in the nanosecond range to capture fast reactions. The spherical propagation leads to the curvature of the detonation front. The emission is expected to start in the center of the line and then propagate symmetrically along the line toward the edges. The analysis of this curvature allows the determination of the dynamic processes inside the explosive.

Instead of using a conventional tube-based streak camera, the solid state streak camera S3C-1 is used. The propagation of the optical emission is completed within 2 µs and the S3C-1 allows to capture this with 10 ns temporal resolution. A post trigger feature of the S3C-1 is used to capture the emission without being affected by the strong jitter of the detonator. An application note describes the setup and experimental details. It is available on request.

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Customisation of Large Area PCB Probe Station with EVERBEING

This was a customised solutions that Analytical Technologies has worked with EVERBEING for probing onto your PCB boards, accommodating a range of sizes according to your specifications. Our stations seamlessly integrate with various applications, including DC, RF, mmW, and High Temperature capabilities. Certain models also support double-sided probing (top and bottom) for enhanced versatility.
Please find the link below to access the complete inventory of available probe stations, which includes detailed information about the Large Area PCB Probe Station.

Alternatively, feel free to reach out to us directly to discuss customizing a probe station tailored to your project requirements.

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Porometer sets new standards in porometry with POROLUX™ Revo 

The POROLUX™ Revo features the patent pending MP² (Multistage Pressure Process) technology, which ensures a smooth pressure increase during the measurement process and speeds up the process of reaching flow and pressure stability.

This advanced pressure built-up process makes it possible to do measurements with smaller, perfectly uniform pressure steps, leading to the most accurate and reproducible pore size results. 

One of the advantages of the MP² technology is the more gentle approach towards the desired pressure point, making it possible to register a data point even in the pore opening region. This results in a smoother wet and more detailed pore size distribution curves, providing users with even greater insights into their samples.

In addition to the innovative MP² technology, a wide range of filter media can be accurately tested. Polymeric membranes, porous metals, nonwoven fabrics and other porous materials can be measured now with the POROLUX™ Revo in minutes. 



The POROLUX™ Revo also features an intuitive and easy-to-use software that allows users to change many parameters with just a click of the mouse, enabling them to tailor the measurement to their exact needs. 

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