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Roll to Roll Langmuir Blodgett from Biolin

Launching Biolin Scientific’s newest instrument, the Roll to Roll Langmuir Blodgett is a semi continuous LB deposition for large scale (up to a few hundred cm^2) thin-film fabrication.
The Roll to Roll technique is a relatively new technique that has been used and proven to be effective in its fabrication.

The Roll to Roll Langmuir Blodgett is best suited for scientist & researchers interested in:

  1. Fabrication thin-films in relatively larger scale
  2. A multi-function Langmuir Blodgett
  3. Interested in the technical specs of Langmuir Blodgetts.

Flexible-one LB for all

Available in single side/double sided option

The Roll to Roll LB can be used for regular LB/LS/isothermic experiments, just like the rest of Biolin’s L & LB

Adjustable components to accommodate for different types of materials/substrates. 

Compatible with all existing LB accessories (i.e. MicroBAM)

User-friendly Ergonomics
Made with single piece of PETE plastic for zero contamination.

Please contact us for more information (i.e. technical paper).

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ORTEC replacing x-cryocooler III with integrated cryocooling system

ORTEC will be replacing X-Cooler III mechanical cooler for High Purity Germanium (HPGe) with Integrated Cryocooling Systems (ICS) after 30 September 2020.

The Integrated Cryocooling Systems (ICS) will is available in PopTop option and a hardened vacuum streamline option. To learn more about advantages of the ICS cooler family in Safety, Reliability, Performance and lower Cost of Ownership please visit.

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*New Product* LabRAM Soleil

One of our long-time partner, HORIBA has announced their latest microscope LabRAM Soleil.

LabRAM Soleil is part of one of Horiba’s most famous Raman series; LabRAM spectroscopy. LabRAM spectroscopy is a complete system that provides ultrafast imaging, advanced automation features, intuitive software and a robust design to supercharge researchers’ analyses.

Click below to download brochure, contact us for more information. 

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*New Product* Quantel Launches FALCON: Ultra-Compact Diode-Pumped Pulsed 1.57μ Laser

This new ultra-compact diode-pumped pulsed laser delivers 5 mJ at 1.57 µm and is designed for use in harsh environments.

The sealed and very robust laser head is proven drop resistant up to 1m. Its electronics can be custom designed to fit perfectly into your equipment.  A proprietary design, the Falcon provides eye-safe wavelengths in a compact yet robust package.

​Designed for battery operation in hand-held and mobile applications, this DPSS Nd:YAG laser features maintenance free operation for years of hard use. Its preferred applications: LIBS, ranging, and any other application requiring mobility, transportability, and reliability.

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*New Product* Biolin Launches QSense High Pressure

Biolin Scientific now launches QSense High Pressure, the QSense series that allows real-life high pressure & temperature conditions (can be set up to a maximum pressure of 200 Bar and a temperature of 150 °C). 

The system is built upon the versatile and modular QSense Explorer providing plenty of add-ons if you want to widen your view.

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*New Product* Q-smart 1200 & 1500: Newcomer in High Energy Pulsed Laser

Quantel LumiBird introduces Q-Smart 1200 & 1500, extending the Q-Smart series into the that can reach up to 1.5 J per pulse while keeping excellent beam quality and stability.

Using the field-proven Q-smart technology, these new FPSS lasers reach up to 1.5 J at 1064 nm. The Q-smart 1200 & 1500 encompass all of the Q-smart laser’s applauded features such as plug and play harmonic generators, automatic phase-matching, best-in-class beam quality and detachable cables and coolant lines.

The single longitudinal mode option (SLM), for linewidth narrowing, allows the specifications of these lasers to be adapted to the most demanding applications.

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