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Installation of New MicroRaman System

testing out Horiba Xplora Plus MicroRaman system (2)

Our technical support team testing and commissioning the Horiba Xplora Plus MicroRaman system.  The system installed has multi excitation laser lines and Class 1 cover.

Our technical support team providing an onsite user training ​to a group of users at Nanyang Technological University. In the background is the Horiba’s Xplora Plus MicroRaman System.

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Biolin Sophion QPatch Automated Patch Clamp System

​The QPatch covers a wide range of throughput needs and provide the user with genuine whole-cell patch clamp data based on true gigaseals.

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Engineer Installation: Malaysia perlis

Mr Yoon, our technical manager was demonstrating Photoluminescence together with the engineers from Philippines branch.
Mr Darrel Cumpas was testing our optical excitation emission system.

We have our installation engineering works at Universiti Malaysia Perlis, one of whom is our valuable client, which took place from 20th to 24th July this year.

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