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Installation of PIV system from LaVision

PIV set-up & calibration with LaVision with laser from the top
Side profile of PIV set-up
This LaVision High-Speed 2D PIV System is employed to acquire comprehensive insights into the swash flows generated by a train of solitary waves and the concurrent turbulence structure. This system conducts two-dimensional velocity measurements utilising a 100-Hz high-speed particle image velocimetry (HSPIV) technique.
LaVision’s flow field imaging laser systems, known as FlowMaster, leverage cutting-edge Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) techniques.

The study of turbulent combustion greatly hinges on flow-chemistry interactions. Our high-speed laser imaging technology, which incorporates both PIV and OH-PLIF simultaneously within the same light sheet plane, enables the exploration of these intricate flow-flame interactions inherent in phenomena like ignition and flame extinction processes. LaVision’s laser imaging framework uniquely facilitates such concurrent PIV and PLIF measurements, supported by our established FlowMaster and FlameMaster systems, both utilising the DaVis platform for synchronised image capture and data processing.
PIV components: Programmable Timing Unit (on top of table)
Close up look of PIV highspeed camera (bottom)
LaVision creates personalised solutions using the different techniques such as Particle Imagine Velocity PIV – based on your experiments & projects. Read more about the different techniques available; alternatively you may contact us for more information. 
Running through LaVision software DaVis
Training staff of FlameMaster series

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Customisation of dark Enclosure

Dark Enclosure (Closed)
Dark Enclosure (Opened) with Switches

Looking for a controlled environment within an open lab for your experiments?

Our team of engineers specialises in crafting customised dark enclosures tailored to seamlessly fit your workspace. These enclosures not only provide the necessary controlled conditions but also come equipped with safety switches, ensuring a secure and optimised environment for your experiments.

Click the link here to view a different enclosure with HEPA filter.

Dark Enclosure with HEPA Filters
Side Angle of Dark Enclosure (Opened)

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Customisation of Large Area PCB Probe Station with EVERBEING

This was a customised solutions that Analytical Technologies has worked with EVERBEING for probing onto your PCB boards, accommodating a range of sizes according to your specifications. Our stations seamlessly integrate with various applications, including DC, RF, mmW, and High Temperature capabilities. Certain models also support double-sided probing (top and bottom) for enhanced versatility.
Please find the link below to access the complete inventory of available probe stations, which includes detailed information about the Large Area PCB Probe Station.

Alternatively, feel free to reach out to us directly to discuss customizing a probe station tailored to your project requirements.

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Customised Enclosure Completed with HEPA Filters

Dark Enclosure with HEPA Filters
Dark Enclosure with HEPA Filters

A customised enclosure equipped with HEPA filters represents a crucial element for sensitive optical setups that require a controlled environment.

The enclosures are designed to provide an isolated and contaminant-free space to house sensitive and demanding optical instrumentation. 

For more customisation services, please contact us with your experiment requirements .

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Installation of LabRAM Evolution Confocal MicroRAMAN System

Our local technical support team has successfully commissioned a semiconductor variant of the world renowned LabRAM Evolution Confocal MicroRaman System.  Fully equipped with multiple lasers from UV to NIR and  unique upgrades, the system is able to handle Raman as well as Photoluminescence measurements.

The LabRAM Confocal MicroRaman system microscopes are ideally suited for both micro and macro measurements, and offer advanced confocal imaging capabilities in 2D and 3D. The true confocal Raman microscope enables the most detailed images and analyses to be obtained with speed and confidence.  It is widely used for standard Raman analysis such as PhotoLuminescence (PL), it can also be further integrated for other hybrid analysis.

The system was enclosed using a customised laser safety curtain that was customised & designed by our engineers. The implementation of a custom laser safety curtain around the system is a critical safety measure that protects the well-being of lab personnel. 

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Installation of New MicroRaman System

testing out Horiba Xplora Plus MicroRaman system (2)

Our technical support team testing and commissioning the Horiba Xplora Plus MicroRaman system.  The system installed has multi excitation laser lines and Class 1 cover.

Our technical support team providing an onsite user training ​to a group of users at Nanyang Technological University. In the background is the Horiba’s Xplora Plus MicroRaman System.

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