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Headwall Photonics | Supplier

We live in an extraordinarily challenging world. Innovation is derived from understanding real, high-magnitude approaches to problems that impact our environment.

Headwall applies advanced spectral technology to help solve complex problems for both end users and OEMs. We do this across critical application areas such as environmental monitoring, remote sensing, precision agriculture, cultural heritage (documents, artifacts, and works of art), industrial process control, and in-line product inspection. Advanced hyperspectral imaging systems can contribute to breakthroughs and advantages for a broad range of industries with a competitive vision.

Focusing on all aspects of the science of spectral imaging and analysis is where Headwall has established technical leadership and application vision. As a U.S.-based manufacturer, Headwall designs and deploys complete, integrated systems and solutions for end-users, and also develops application-specific optical modules, such as spectrographs and spectrometers for OEM customers.

Headwall delivers innovative solutions that combine advanced sensors and powerful yet intuitive applications software.