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Installation of Alpha Essemble with electrodeposition system

We successfully completed the installation of an 8-channel Alpha Ensemble by ORTEC, fully equipped with an electrodeposition system. This advanced setup of alpha spectroscopy system ensures precise and reliable analysis, enhancing the capabilities of our client’s research and analytical processes.

About Alpha Essemble

Alpha Ensemble is a modular, all-in-one, bench-top or rack-mount, Multi-chamber alpha spectrometer. Each alpha spectroscopy module includes a vacuum gauge, variable detector bias supply (switchable positive or negative), preamplifier, test pulse generator with variable amplitude, self-controlled RCAP, and a leakage current monitor.
Each expansion module has a separate vacuum control within an Alpha Ensemble configuration. 

The Alpha Ensemble may be either rack mounted or left in the table-top mounting enclosure in which it is supplied. In the Alpha Ensemble configuration, an internal USB hub provides connection via a single cable to the user’s PC. Each detection system has individual digital offset and conversion gain settings for maximum flexibility

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