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Introducing the New PoreSmart software

We’re thrilled to share some exciting news with you! While our software isn’t new, we’ve recently given it a significant upgrade, complete with two crucial features that have led us to properly name it: PoreSmart.

Why PoreSmart?

PoreSmart is the evolution of our Porometer software, now equipped with even more advanced capabilities to provide unparalleled insights into material properties. Of course, it retains all the user-friendly features our customers love from the current software, from the streamlined parameter settings, to the built-in intelligence, and sleek outputs, including integration with Excel.

Introduction of two exciting new features

  1. An additional way to measure the bubble point: BP pCF

    BP pCF stands for the bubble point measured as a user-defined percentage of the cumulative flow. It represents the percentage ratio of the wet to dry curve, which offers significant advantages for bubble point determination.

  2. Introduction of two-stage curve fitting

    • Wet & dry curve fitting

      • Pore size distribution curve fitting

        The two-stage curve fitting implemented in the PoreSmart software helps extract meaningful results from measuring curves by removing the noises and fitting the curve into a mathematical function that matches best the set of experimental data.

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