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The New Generation of Positioning Stages with Direct Drive is Now Available

We have added a new generation of linear and rotary stages with direct drive to our range of motorized positioners. Discover the 6 advantagesKlicken, um Alternative zu verwenden.

They combine six advantages:

Fast: constant speed up to 950 mm/s

Dynamic: acceleration up to 20m/s2

Precise: high-resolution incremental measuring system

Straight: high load capacity and minimal angular error over the entire travel range

Protected: closed design with metal cover

Expandable: structural prerequisite for flexible combinability with additional axes and third-party systems

The LINPOS M enables fast, constant movements with high load capacity, excellent straightness and minimal angular error over the entire travel range.

The high acceleration of up to 20 m/s² makes the compact LINPOS S ideal for scanning applications where fast and uniform scanning in small equidistant steps is required.

The ROTPOS M compensates high axial and radial loads and is characterized by excellent rigidity. Practical: The free aperture of 25 mm diameter enables transmitted light applications or can be used for cable management.

The three new OWIS positioning stages are robust, low-maintenance, of high quality and suitable for a wide range of applications in the industrial sector. Examples include semiconductor manufacturing, laser processing, precision measurement, optical inspection and additive manufacturing.

Discover a new generation of  positioning stages with direct drive. Further information, drawings and design files are available on our website or call us. We are happy to help!

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