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Porometer announces the introduction of MEMCAST™


MEMCAST™ represents the perfect blend of innovation and simplicity. It caters to various needs, whether it’s producing film layers that are self-standing or on diverse substrates. Here are some of the distinctive features of MEMCAST™ that make it stand out:

  • User-friendly mechanism: The device features an easy-to-use mechanism for attaching or detaching the coating support. This allows for swift immersion in a coagulation bath, enhancing the efficiency of the membrane creation process.

  • Flexible coating length: The length of the coating can be easily controlled. Users have the option to set a stop point before casting or utilize the optional stop button during application, offering flexibility in membrane synthesis.

  • Digital display for precision control: MEMCAST™ comes equipped with a digital display that simplifies the control and monitoring of parameters, ensuring precision and ease in membrane production.

Upgrade your membrane synthesis with MEMCAST™

MEMCAST™ is poised to elevate the standard for membrane synthesis. Its introduction marks a significant milestone in the field, promising to bring efficiency, precision, and quality to new heights.

Are you ready to upgrade your membrane synthesis process with MEMCAST™? Contact us today for a personalized quote and discover how MEMCAST™ can transform your membrane production capabilities.

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