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Porometer sets new standards in porometry with POROLUX™ Revo 

The POROLUX™ Revo features the patent pending MP² (Multistage Pressure Process) technology, which ensures a smooth pressure increase during the measurement process and speeds up the process of reaching flow and pressure stability.

This advanced pressure built-up process makes it possible to do measurements with smaller, perfectly uniform pressure steps, leading to the most accurate and reproducible pore size results. 

One of the advantages of the MP² technology is the more gentle approach towards the desired pressure point, making it possible to register a data point even in the pore opening region. This results in a smoother wet and more detailed pore size distribution curves, providing users with even greater insights into their samples.

In addition to the innovative MP² technology, a wide range of filter media can be accurately tested. Polymeric membranes, porous metals, nonwoven fabrics and other porous materials can be measured now with the POROLUX™ Revo in minutes. 



The POROLUX™ Revo also features an intuitive and easy-to-use software that allows users to change many parameters with just a click of the mouse, enabling them to tailor the measurement to their exact needs. 

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