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Triggering for microsecond accuracy

Accurate triggering of framing cameras to capture fast events is one of the crucial aspects of high-speed imaging. Adding more instrumentation such as streak cameras and flash illumination can lead to a complex array of instrumentation, particularly when it comes to synchronising all aspects of data capture for one single microsecond timescale event.

Specialised Imaging’s SIM framing cameras can greatly simplify this trigger synchronisation process, with a built-in timing generator and control software to set up trigger outputs to these external devices.

If a streak camera is used to capture the same event it can be connected to the SIM’s (optical) auxiliary port and connected to the SIM’s trigger output to allow the streak camera trigger delay adjustment via the SIM camera control software. Any flash illumination can be connected to the SIM’s dedicated flash trigger (output) connection for timing adjustment also using the camera control software.

This application note describes how a SIM camera was used to capture energetic events, where microsecond accuracy was required. The SIM camera was used to trigger synchronise a streak camera and flash unit to capture images for detonator case expansion and tip velocity measurement.

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Camera: SIMX-8 Resolution: 1280×960 px Exposure time: 100nS Interframe time: 4.27uS Frame Rate: 234K FPS Event: Detonator Illumination: Back illumination – AD500mage: New and old SIM (8 channel) camera design

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