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FlameMaster Setup & Installation

Testing of the measurement of flame temperature using FlameMaster
Calibration setup using a filament lamp

LaVision’s Two-Color Pyrometry setup provides a robust system for temperature measurements. It demonstrates the precise measurement of flame temperature, showcasing the system’s accuracy and capability. Additionally, the calibration process is conducted using a filament lamp, ensuring the system’s reliability and accuracy through meticulous calibration procedures.

LaVision Flamemaster Software

The FlameMaster inspex imaging systems apply flame emission spectroscopy to combustion processes.

​The flame emission (chemiluminescence) of flame radicals like OH*, CH*, C2* is used to e.g. visualise the reaction zone or to monitor flame stoichiometry via emission ratios of such radicals. 2-colour pyrometry (blackbody radiation) is used to measure temperature fields in sooty flames.

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