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The first high volume coating system for catalyst coated membranes is ready for delivery.

Recently, Siansonic first ULTRASONIC SPRAY COATING SYSTEM for volume production of membrane electrodes of proton exchange membrane fuel cells was successfully delivered.

This equipment is equipped with double automatic in and out vacuum heating platform for the first time, which can facilitate the loading and unloading of proton exchange membrane in the production process, and realize the uninterrupted spraying of catalyst through alternating loading and unloading, so as to improve the production efficiency of membrane electrode. In addition, the equipment can be equipped with 4-5 units of Siansonic Widemist ultrasonic nozzles and ultrasonic dispersion liquid delivery system, which can greatly improve the coating area and production rate. At the same time, another catalyst deposition system for large-area PEM electrolyzer is going to be delivered. This equipment can be equipped with 8 units of Widemist ultrasonic nozzles for uniform catalyst deposition at high speed.

Siansonic’s unique ultrasonic spray technology has played an important role in the hydrogen energy industry, such as PEM fuel cell, PEM electrolyzer for hydrogen generation, GDL(gas diffusion layer). Our benchtop ultrasonic coating systems, industrial ultrasonic coating systems, large-area ultrasonic coating systems and ultrasonic dispersion liquid delivery systems have been used in many  hydrogen energy enterprises and scientific research institutions.

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