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Quartz Tuning Fork Charge Amplifier From 250 Hz to 15 MHz

With the extremely low-noise quartz tuning fork charge amplifier HQA-15M-10T, FEMTO has added an application-specific amplifier to its product range.

The HQA-15M-10T is a charge amplifier specially developed for pure AC sources which, on average over time, neither have nor generate a DC component. Accordingly, the HQA does not require any resetting of the integration stage.

It is best suited for quartz tuning forks, such as used in atomic force microscopy (AFM). Pyro- and piezoelectric detectors as well as longitudinal resonators are further suitable signal sources.

Its outstanding features include the very low noise of 40 × 10-21 C/√Hz, a high gain of 10 V/pC and a large bandwidth from 250 Hz to 15 MHz.

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