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Balanced Photoreceivers/Balanced Photodetectors Up to 500 MHz

With the completely newly developed HBPR photoreceiver / photodetector platform, FEMTO has raised the bar in the field of balanced photoreceivers to a new level.

Two photodiodes connected in anti-parallel subtract the two input signals and feed the difference to a subsequent low-noise transimpedance amplifier. The extraordinarily high common mode rejection, the low input noise and bandwidths up to 500 MHz set new standards and enable highly sensitive signal acquisition.

In addition to the outstanding technical data, great importance was attached to user-friendly details and versatility when developing the new HBPR platform: thanks to free space and fiber-coupled inputs, switchable gain and bandwidth, switchable AC/DC coupling and broad mechanical compatibility with common optical accessories, the photoreceivers of the HBPR series are among the most versatile balanced photoreceivers / photodetectors on the market.

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