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*New Product* Q-smart 1200 & 1500: Newcomer in High Energy Pulsed Laser

Quantel LumiBird introduces Q-Smart 1200 & 1500, extending the Q-Smart series into the that can reach up to 1.5 J per pulse while keeping excellent beam quality and stability.

Using the field-proven Q-smart technology, these new FPSS lasers reach up to 1.5 J at 1064 nm. The Q-smart 1200 & 1500 encompass all of the Q-smart laser’s applauded features such as plug and play harmonic generators, automatic phase-matching, best-in-class beam quality and detachable cables and coolant lines.

The single longitudinal mode option (SLM), for linewidth narrowing, allows the specifications of these lasers to be adapted to the most demanding applications.

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