Analytical Technologies Singapore laser, homogeneously illuminating light source

The pco.flim laser is a homogeneously illuminating light source designed for use with the pco.flim. You can choose between a wide range of different wavelengths and light output powers. This would help solved the previous problem of having to search for a compatible light source laser that can use the modulation signal and the dark gate signal coming from the camera.

The laser is ideally suited if your relevant luminescence lifetimes are in the range of a few nanoseconds. It
features a digital modulation frequency range of 0 – 250 MHz. You can either order the pco.flim laser for widefield
epifluorescence microscope illumination, or for Total-Internal-Reflection-Fluorescence (TIRF) microscopy, light sheet
fluorescence microscopy (LSFM) and confocal spinning disk microscopy.

For more information, please view the pco.flim data sheet. Alternatively, you may wish to contact us for more information.

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