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ICMAT 2019 x Analytical technologies at Marina Bay Sands

Analytical Technologies is honored to be celebrating & be part of  ICMAT’s 10th anniversary, having 45 technical symposia, 10 plenary lectures more than 3000 delegates worldwide . Started in 2001, the International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies (ICMAT) allowed scientists & research worldwide share their experience among the materials science and engineering research community both in the region and elsewhere. 

Here we have our sales person Hwee Leng, providing a demo with the Duetta.
Duetta's self-sustaining design allows the experiment to be conducted everywhere.

This year we are proud to be exhibiting one of HORIBA’s newest creation- the 2-in-1 fluorescence & absorbance spectrometer, DUETTADuetta is an self-sustainable instrument & is the only fluorometer that can acquire a full spectrum in less than 100 milliseconds.

sCMOS camera (pco.panda) model
sCMOS camera (pco.panda) model
Model for cryogenic probe station from EVERBEING

We have received tremendous response & we are also very honored to be supported by both our existing clients and suppliers. 

Video from HORIBA, explaining the works of raman microscopy
Arthur, Regional Sales & Support from pco.imaging

We are looking forward to the next ICMAT, see you again soon for our other upcoming exhibitions!

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