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EPIC 2018 @ NTU x Analytical Technologies

Analytical Technologies is proud to be a participating member of EPIC 2018 held in NTU. 
​The Excitonics and Polaritonics International Conference aims to bring researchers together from the fields of materials science, nanophotonics, excitonics, plasmonics, and polaritonics. The conference will address the most recent advances in the fabrication of novel nanostructures, such as those based on 2D materials and organic substances, which allo​w excitons and polaritons to be realized with enhanced properties.

This year, Analytical Technologies featured  pco.imaging’s pco.flim camera as well as other imaging cameras.  As 2D nano-materials was also one of more popular topics, we have also brought CVD technologies from Sulfur Science; a company that provides a highly customisable Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) system. 

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