Analytical Technologies Singapore


Scientific Instrument provider for over 30 years. 

Continuously providing scientific advancements to engineer optimal solutions



Our endless perseverance in search for new and better instruments; all for delivering the most suitable instruments for all types of scientific research and experiment.


We are committed to sourcing the most suitable instruments for our customers' projects, wherever they are in the world.


We are committed to delivering comprehensive support across the entire spectrum of our clients' scientific pursuits, extending from pre-sales inquiries to post-sales services.


All of our staff have undergone professional training offering customised solutions for clients with unique specifications.

About Us

We are a TOTAL SOLUTIONS PROVIDER of analytical instrumentation. Our instruments are supplied for both analytical (spectroscopic) and imaging analysis.
In addition, we also provide process systems to the various industries (food, waste, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, metals).

Analytical Technologies Pte Limited was incorporated more than 30 years ago, representing manufacturers of analytical instruments. To provide a total working solution, and in response to requests from our customers, other products were added to the analytical instruments in order to enhance their analytical capabilities.

These include cryogenic stages, high temperature stages, automated stages, probers, anti vibration platforms amongst many others. We can also provide customised solutions, if the requirement is not readily available.

We firmly believe our customers ARE our partners. As a reliable partner, we ensured that after-sales services are readily available. We have a team of factory trained technical staff, who can provide fast answers to operational issues on the instruments, technical diagnosis on suspected instrument malfunctions and other forms of assistance.

Call us .. we look forward to be your partner in analytical instrumentation.